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Sample Syllabi

Other Courses taught at WWU

  • EDUC 301:  Educational Psychology I: Development and Individual Differences
  • HSP 302: Introduction to Human Services
  • HSP 315:  Human Development and Human Services
  • HSP 331: Children, Families, and Communities
  • HSP 371:  Special Topics- Early Childhood Trauma, Neglect, and Institutionalization
  • HSP 371: Special Topics- Typical/Atypical Development (pre-birth to 5 years)
  • HSP 385:  Applied Research Methods
  • HSP 302: Introduction to Human Services
  • HSP 304: Introduction to Portfolio Learning
  • HSP 402,404,406:  Human Services and Organizational, Community, and Global Systems
  • HSP 340: Practicum I & Seminar
  • HSP 341: Practicum II & Seminar
  • HSP 420a/490a; 420b/490b; 420c/490c:  Senior Internship and Seminar (Currently HSP 440)
  • Curriculum Development (Migrant Education Project): Early Childhood Education Sequence:  Typical/Atypical Development; Program Planning; Family & Community-based Services; Birth-5 Observation and Assessment

BEd Coursework Taught – University of British Columbia

  • Learning, Measurement & Teaching (Assessment Practices)
  • Educational Applications of Developmental Theories (Elementary and Secondary Sections)
  • Development and Exceptionality in the Regular Education Classroom (Elementary and Secondary Sections)

Masters Coursework Taught – University of British Columbia

  • Applications of Educational Psychology
  • Cognition, Language, and Literacy Practices in Education
  • Human Development in Education
  • Special Topics: Motivation
  • Masters Thesis Supervision

Doctoral Seminars Taught – University of British Columbia

  • Sociocultural Studies Seminar
  • Seminar in Research in Educational Psychology and Special Education
  • Seminar in Risk and Resiliency
  • Special Topics:  Multidisciplinary Practice
  • Doctoral Thesis Supervision